I’m going to try to do three posts a week — Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This should work well with my schedule for nets semester, where almost all my classes are on Tuesday and Thursday.


Today I want to talk about book ideas. I have had several, ranging from alternate history, to science fiction and fantasy. They come to me all the time. For instance, the other night, I ran across the name Aurther Currie. He was a Canadian general during World War One, and led a fascinating life. Naturally, now I want to learn more about him and have a series based on him and his life. I wote it down, and if I get inspired to do so, I will pursue it.


Only one ever got written from start to finish, and it was horrible. Fortunately the computer I wrote it on crashed, and it is no longer in existence. The only thing I can say for it is that I proved to myself that I can finish a story. But that was years ago. Since then, I have started and abandoned the World Wide War (Civil War alternate history), Caldor and Charlotte (sword and sorcery), Last Colony (Science Fiction), and Basil II (Alternate Byzantine Empire history).


But they are still in the back of my mind, and sometimes, when the mood strikes me, I will still fiddle with them. Right now, the storyline I’m working on is called The Bastard Prince. It is in a fantasy world without much magic among humans, but fantastical creatures do exist. Surprisingly enough, it follows the exploits of the bastard son of the late king, and his service to the king his half-brother, and the country. He is brilliant, loyal, hard working, and despite accusations, does not want to be the king. I see him as a cross between George Washington and Sherlock Holmes.


I’m planning this to be a series of related short stories, where the plot is different in each one, but most of the characters are the same, and the land is the same. Will this lead to being able to write a complete novel? I hope so.


Taking the plunge

I’ve decided to take the plunge and start a blog. I intend to talk about my struggles with writing, my life as a recently married man, weight loss, and give my opinions on the issues of the day.


I have many story ideas, and more keep popping up all the time. I have not been successful in getting anything finished, however. I want to use this blog as both a record of what I am doing, and as a taskmaster. If I have to post time after time, got no writing done, It will motivate me to be more diligent. (I hope)


I got married to my wonderful and amazing spouse, Maria, in January 2012, so I am still a newlywed. Before I got married, I was even more of a slacker and a drifter than I am today. Currently, I am going back to college while working three part time jobs. I’m at a community college in California, with the goal of transferring to a four-year institution in 2015 and becoming an accountant. I am also pretty active in my church. So I’ll be blogging about all those issues too.


I am overweight and have many related health issues. I’m struggling with eating less, and exercising more. Right now, I weigh 260 pounds. IF I work at it, I can get to 200 by January. More importantly, if I work at it, I will be more healthy. My father died when he was 36, partly because he was overweight. I want to be at my children’s wedding, and have my grandchildren know me. Fortunately, my brother-in-law is a physical trainer, and is willing to help me do this.


I am a libertarian-leaning conservative. To me, that means I want the government, federal, state, and local, to butt out of my private life, and stop doing so much. The analogy I like to use, is government is like oil in a car. You need some, or the engine will seize, but you don’t exactly fill the gas tank with 10w 30.


I am very socially conservative, but also believe that God gave us free will, and I cannot force a person to think (or act) in ways I believe are wrong and sinful. I will argue and try to convince you of the truth of my positions, but forcing another to act in contradiction of their conscience is offensive and sinful. In our society, my viewpoints are a minority and any short-term victory wrought by force will backfire against me and mine long-term.


Anyway, that is the goal of this blog. Until I come up with a good title for my life, I will continue to operate under a working title.