School Looms on the Horizon

My internet died on Thursday. So today, I am at my in-laws to give you a post. AT&T is shipping us a new modem and is supposed to be here within a week. I spent most of Friday in meetings and/or at the doctor’s office.

School is coming up soon. My job at the elementary school starts on the 18th, and classes at the college begin on the 25th, so I am trying to savor these last couple of weeks of relative sanity. I have my schedule finalized. I just added a PE class to try to address my gut. The good news is that all but one of my classes are in the morning. I’ll be done with my day by 1:30 every day, except for Wednesday, when I have my Astronomy lab.

I’m taking 17 units this semester, which is close to the maximum the school will let anyone take. Only two look like they’ll be hard — Business Law, and Elementary Statistics. The others look to be more fun. Astronomy, Argument & Debate, and English Composition. Then there is the PE class, which will be mindless, but physically exhausting. Assuming I have enough energy and time, I will be continuing semi-regular updates for this blog.

I haven’t had the time to write for the last couple of days either. I still need to go and rewrite my short story “Bastard Prince” That’s a working title, but may end up being the title, at least of the series. I’m pretty excited about it, because it is really the first story I have taken so far into the process. When I am done with it, I think I’ll post the first and final draft just for a before and after comparison.

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