Back From the Dead

OK, its been three and a half years since I’ve posted here. I guess I should let you know what’s been going on.

I’ve transferred from the local community college to San Jose State, and have one semester left (assuming all goes well) and should graduate in May. YAY!!! I have made two New Year’s resolutions:

  • get healthy
  • finish my church’s “late vocations” program

I have started up on the Ketogenic Diet in order to loose weight and get healthy. I’ve been on it for four days now, and the results are pretty good so far. The key to the Ketogenic diet is to limit carbohydrates (bread, grains, potatoes, sugar, etc), and eat most of my calories in fat, with a fair amount of protein. According to the Ketogenic calculator I’ve used, I need to limit myself to 1875 total calories to loose weight, with 155 grams of fat, 30 grams of carbs, and 90 grams of proteins. I want to loose 50 pounds by the end of the year.

I’ve been starting my day at 4:30 to drive for Uber. I eat a fatty breakfast – keto coffee (coffee with coconut oil, butter, cream and vanilla) and a hard boiled egg. Believe it or not, this will last me until the early afternoon. I’m only eating two meals because I am just not that hungry anymore. If I do get hungry, I’ll eat a large salad. By large, I mean an entire bag of salad. Dinner is whatever I want. Last night I had corned beef and cabbage, a couple of nights ago I made crack chicken.

I am an Orthodox Christian, and for some time, I have felt the need to serve. I have been working on this for years, and am now at a place in my life where I can work on it. The Orthodox Church in America has a late vocations program that is supposed to take about 2 years to finish. I started at the end of 2017, and while I doubt I can finish the whole thing, a resolution should be a challenge. I am also transitioning from the choir to serving in the altar as an alter server/acolyte. Once I have that learned, I will see about being tonsured a reader (the lowest level of clergy) in the church.

You will notice that this blog is not one of my resolutions. Nor is my writing. I fully intend on doing more of both. I want to focus on just the two big goals right now, and devote time to my last semester at SJSU. After that, I will (hopefully) land a nice job and be able to start paying off my school debts. I think that the blog will help me to keep track of where I am, and keep me on task. We’ll see. Hopefully my next post won’t be in 2021!

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